Are you a garage sale junkie?  Are you always ready to look, buy, or sell?  A new event is coming to the area that should suit your fancy.   It’s called “90 Miles on 90” and is based on a concept that started back in 1987 when Mike Walker of Fentress County, Tennessee had an idea for a yard sale that would stretch through Kentucky and Tennessee.  It was so popular that it just grew and grew so that it now covers 690 miles from Gadsden, AL to Hudson, MI.  “The World’s Longest Yard Sale” is held for four days every August. The idea behind the yard sale was to get people off the interstates and onto the smaller highways that would take them through small towns.  Vendors set up their yard sales, garage sales, farmers’ markets, and antique sales along the highway and throughout the towns along the route.  Property owners along the highway even rent their land, yards, or empty buildings to vendors.  Sales do not have to be directly along the highway, just nearby.

“90 Miles on 90” is the brainchild  of the Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce.  The yard sale will extend from Sealy to Waelder along Highway 90 and will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 9-11, 2017.  Maps to all the sales will be available in each of the participating towns, including Sealy, Columbus, Weimar, Schulenburg, Flatonia and Waelder.  It’s free to sign-up to be a vendor, but you do have to sign up with your local Chamber of Commerce to be included on the map.  Residents of Waelder may contact the Schulenburg Chamber at 866-504-5294 or

So put off that garage sale you were planning and save it for “90 Miles on 90”.   For more information, please call Columbus Chamber of Commerce at 979-732-8385.